Make A Difference Wearing One World Peace

mystery box

$30.00 - $100.00

Pick your Box (No Promo Code apply)

One World Peace co. :Model/ Brand Rep Mystery Packages

Pack 1. All Star (Starter Pack) $30 Receive 15 % Off Next Purchase , - Sticker Pack and Promo Product.(1Hat & 1 t-shirt)

Pack2. Super Star (mid Pack) $50 Receive a Promo Code with Coupons and Special Promo codes to use at our website ,- Stickers Pack & Promo Product. (1 hats, 3 T-shirts 1 Pair of socks).

Pack3. Hall oF Fame (Brand Rep.) $100 Receives Sending a Contract with Rules and regulations of being a Brand Rep. for 1 Year. You’ll Own a Promo Code of $5 off to use for self or Other customers for 1 year. Receive 20 % Back of every Purchase used with promo Code. Yearly Renewal of $100 with hall of fame pack. Get an Extra 5 % of $100 for every New Brand Rep sign up Recommended by Official Brand rep. Ability to receive a Check every month With Hall of Fame Package.- 2 Sticker Packs and Promo Product (2 Hats, 3 shirts 1 Outer Wear , 1 Pair of Socks) Sticker Pack and Promo Product